[VIDEO] Jasmine Mans “Footnotes For Kanye” Video A Poetic Visual Movement WATCH:

Updated: 12.14.16

Jasmine Mans delivers a gripping performance. ..

After releasing an audio of the poem “Footnotes for Kanye” Jasmine Mans received over 20,000 plays. Fans are enamored with her pen game, her flow, and her common sense and willingness to speak her truth unapologetically.

Jasmine Mans hails from Newark Nj a proud activist in poetry and an inspiration to all, a woman Ive come to know as an exceptional talent.

“Do you know how many kids at the protest had your sneakers on? None OF THEM!”

Jasmine Mans released the visual a year ago, which was shot in London, through Solange Knowles, Saint Heron website. Based on the pictures on Instagram it seems as if there will be volumes to this, but for now below is the visual that goes so perfectly with the message WATCH:


Watch the most recent live performance that’s going viral on social media after almost a full year of releasing the audio for “Footnotes For Kanye” below in full;


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