[VIDEO] India.Arie Sings “Thinking Out Loud” An Ode To Ed Sheeran & Soulbirds Worldwide WATCH:


The Definition Of Light…She is…

India.Arie reached out to her fans (SoulBirds) today as apart of her SongVersation essay series. If you haven’t been reading her essays, she reveals the truth about the huge controversy that sparked nation wide conversation about her skin colour and so much more. You can read it here. In an effort to connect to fans, India has been releasing videos, and allowing fans to email her directly to keep this SongVersation: I AM LIGHT going, and today India decided to sing, again.

Just a few days ago India announced a contest to win free tickets to her Christmas With Friends tour, which you can win here. She’s been on a roll!

Ed Sheeran, with whom she’d shared a pleasantries with in the past, expressed her importance to him. India dedicated this song to Ed to show him and the Soulbirds that she “sees him”, truth be told if she didn’t say it was his record, I wouldn’t’ve known, but man ol man its nothing like hearing India LIVE:

I’m not mad at a full cover on Soundcloud tho . .. lol Or nah India?! I know you reading…LOL


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