[NEWS] Kayla McKelvey Pleads “Not Guilty” In #KeanUTerror Twitter Threats LOOK:


Kayla McKelvey is Innocent Until Proven Guilty 

Monday, Kayla McKelvey, Kean University Alum plead “Not Guilty” to the threats created on Twitter towards Afrikan Americans during a Kean University peace rally. The charges against her are creating false harm which could send her to prison for five years, Kayla did not want to comment after the court date, but it’s reported and probably taken out of context that her lawyer stated; “…her lack of any criminal past could earn her probation”. This was not a quoted text from NEWS12 to indicate these were the attorneys actual words and context in terms of the question he was actually asked so that bit of information is confusing, but Kayla will possibly return to court January 28th 2016 to possibly be found guilty or innocent.

She may have done it, she may not have done it. I caution everyone to Question Everything! Instead of persecuting our own so quickly, so evilly and so ready to write each other off, let’s take a step back and wait for the judgement of the courts. A theory which many overlooked in my last post about this case. ..It’s quite simple. .. Innocent, until PROVEN guilty.

UPDATE: Kayla McKelvey Admits To Being Guilty. ..More Here


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