Did You Know OverBrook Entertainment Produced 20 Films & Is Owned By Will Smith? LOOK:

We’ve Seen The Intro Many Times, But Did You Know It Was Will Smiths?

 OverBrook Entertainment, which is part-owned by Will Smith, has produced and been involved in over 20 films and television hits! Overbook, which is the brain child of Will Smith, is named after the place Will grew up at in Philadelphia. The other partner is James Lassiter, once Will Smith‘s road manager turned producer and long time friend. Of course Will Smith added his wife to the team once they were married in 1997, which is around the same time Will and James started the company. And as a collective, they’ve gone on to make TV and Film Gold! The stuff of life! There’s not one film they’ve created, produced, or musically influenced that hasn’t been successful and not one film we are afraid to re-watch a thousand times over. Will Smith and Overbrook Entertainment has produced hit music and/or tv/film:

  • Love & Basketball (Soundtrack – Billboard Hit)
  • Men In Black II (Soundtrack)
  • Wild Wild West (Film & Sound Track – Double Platinum Album & #1 Hit Single “Wild Wild West”)
  • Ali (Film)
  • I, Robot (Film)
  • Saving Face (Film – Toronto & Sundance Film Festival)
  • Hitch (Film – Over 350 Million Box Office Against 70 Million Dollar Budget)
  • ATL (Film)
  • The Pursuit of Happiness (Film)
  • I Am Legend (Film – Over 500 Million Box Office Against 150 Million Dollar Budget)
  • Seven Pounds (Film)
  • LakeView Terrace (Film)
  • The Secret Life Of Bees (Film)
  • The Karate Kid (Film)
  • This Means War (Film)
  • After Earth (Film)
  • Annie (Film – Sound Track)
  • All Of Us (Hit Tv Show)
  • The Queen Latifah Show (Hit Talk Show)
  • The Human Contract (Jada Pinkett Smith Debut Writer/Director)

Left, Right (Will Smith, James Lassiter)

With hits like I Am Legend, Hitch, and Hancock, Will Smith and Overbrook Entertainment is a B.L.A.C.K Force in Hollywood with a long streak of wins! Not only that but Will Smith defies the stereotype that people of colour cannot sell over seas. Two strong B.L.A.C.K Men making hundred million dollar films and having returns with a strong B.L.A.CK Male lead. With over 6 billion dollars in film, Will Smith and Overbrook Entertainment is Hollywood royalty. Its rare, but its possible and that’s why Im writing this article to inspire you to love your skin and your power and never let racism, and adversity stop you from reaching your goal! Will, Jada and James can do it, and so can you. Listen to a message Will and James gave people who entered into their screen writing competition a few years back, the lesson stands the test of time WATCH:

Will Smith even appears to be producing another film featuring Lil Mama whom recently posted the below picture with the words “On Set…with Will Smith”. I wonder what this is about. ATL 2 is coming out, I wonder if Overbrook is producing this film and if thats what this picture is about…who knows…

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