Behind The Scenes Janet Jackson “Dammn Baby” Music Video & ET Announce She’s Pregnant


Making Us Sweat!


Janet Jackson’s new video “Dammn Baby” will be released tonight! Fans figured out based on the countdown on her website and her gif sharing that the music video would premiere May 4th 2016. Ahead of the curve, ET news reports Janet Jackson is pregnant! Knowing Janet and how she handles her fans, as she’s said time and time again, if its not from her, its not true. Janet is very proud of being able to control her image in the media, and she hasn’t let us down yet! The almost 50 year old Queen could possibly be pregnant especially after she announced this;

But until we hear it from Janets mouth, ET’s hearsay is just that. ET covered Janet Jacksons video shoot for “Dammn Baby” and now we get an exclusive inside look on the video before it airs and its that old Janet Jackson we love. Dancing, attitude and good ol fashion quality! Look;

#SOULdiers aren’t we excited for Jan?!

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