Singer/Actress Azealia Banks Talks Bleaching Her Skin The Difference Between Hating Yourself & Not


Azealia Banks Sets The Record Straight

Azealia Banks took to Facebook live to record a response about the allegations of her bleaching her skin because she hates herself. After a company published Azealia banks was a happy customer a fan realized it was a skin lightening company. The rumors started to spread as they often do on social media, but instead of intellectual conversation about the possibility of Azealia simply wanting to remove dark spots or create an even skin tone, people went straight into the “she hates herself how can she stand for Black people if she’s lightening her skin?”. Well, Azealia Banks claps back and I agree with her 100 percent!

I have used Ambi products to lighten my dark spots, and many others for skin evenness. If people saw my body vs my face they wouldn’t understand how Im a light brown skin man, but with clothes on and just my arms and face showing you’d think I was a darker skinned man. While I clearly love myself and people of colour, much like Azealia Banks, I too wanted to correct a few things on my body for evenness and it should not negate anything Ive done for the betterment of my community.

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In a recent interview Nia long also spoke about the possibility of even skin tones vs Azealia hating herself. Nia being the intellect that she is, and not being a click hungry blogger who’s only concern is money and clicks, used her brain to speak on the issue;

“I mean listen if you wanna brighten your skin it doesn’t mean you don’t support Black people, I mean its two different things…”

It’s true, the Afrikan American community has a huge issue with colourism. India.Arie who was accused of bleaching her skin during the 2013 Skin Gate “Coaco Butter” single cover had to come out and say hey, wait a minute, I’m not brightening my skin, Im the same skin colour I’ve always been, I love myself and I didn’t lighten it in photoshop to appeal to a wider audience either, the glow was supposed to be radiant because of the space I was in. India even wrote a 5 part series describing her confusion, and then understanding, of why people attacked her.

My heart bleeds for people of colour who cannot look passed the past to see that not every person of colour wants to be white or lighter and that sometimes, much like what Azealia Banks is trying to say in the video below, its just about brightening your skin. Azealia Banks is still a Brown skin Woman, only now she has an even skin tone, but if she tans in the natural sun she’ll be darker just like before, but even. She asks, “what’s the difference between getting a nose job and brightening your skin?”. It’s true, its all alterations that you want to make yourself feel better, but none of it HAS to mean you hate yourself or people of colour, it IS possible that it just means you want change. I wish I had the money, I’d make my face the same colour as the rest of my body because, its not, and I don’t like the dark spots on my face, does that mean I’m not fit to own ? Hell No…Now listen to the Queen Speak;

#SOULdiers. What Are Your Thoughts About Skin Lightening?

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