2016 Top 10 Viral Christmas Videos, Meme’s, & Pics Including Jade Novah’s Celebrity Impressions

2016’s Christmas via social media was filled with laughter and joy, and the most funniest memes, videos, cutest pics, and full on productions that you’ve ever seen!

This year, Jade Novah, actress, and singer-songwriter known for singing background for Rihanna, and most recently being the featured vocalist on tour with Lady Gaga captured singing; “Million Reasons” side by side with Lady Gag, is our featured Christmas Queen!

Jade released a video of impressions, something she’s great at, and it went viral in a matter of hours. With over 2 million views via Facebook, and over 100k shares throughout all platforms Jade Novah is next!

Check out the top 10 viral post for the 2016 Holiday Season;

  1. Jade Novah

2. Whitney & Bobby

3. Political Humor

4. Politcal Humor

5. Martin As Sheneneh

6. Taraji P. Henson & Letoya Luckett 

7. Lala

8. Girlfriend Humor

9. Family Meme!

10. Piles smh

As A Bonus:


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