How Hill Harper’s H2L & JUA Men And Women Skin Care Line May Improve Organ Health

Hill Harper

Better Than Coconut Oil?

Hill Harper launches a skin care line for women and men. Several years ago Hill Harper was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, the same cancer that killed his father. It was then that Hill began to worry about his personal health and ways he could improve. Harper had concerns about what products he put on his skin possibly seeping into his body, and negatively effecting his organs.

Hill Harper

Whilst in Afrika Hill Harper discovered Baobab Oil, which is said to have more health benefits than coconut oil. Hill Harper’s skin care line uses Baobab Oil which is enriched with various vitamins that if absorbed by the skin won’t negatively effect the liver, or other organs, instead, improve on them. Hill Harper joins Tyra Banks, Angela Bassett, and Gabrielle Union, to name a few, in the skin and hair care business. We have to take care of our own.


Hill Harper On H2L & JUA:

“The oil itself has vitamins C, D and A. I think in the future, baobab oil will be as popular as coconut oil is now. It has more health-based properties than coconut oil. — With these two lines, I set out to provide premium healthy and natural products to enhance the skin and hair for both men and women in once convenient monthly kit. It’s also about the creation of a movement that promotes awareness and access to health and wellness”EBONY

Baobab Oil Benefits; CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  • Improves Skin Elasticity
  • Heals Damaged Skin
  • Restores Complexion
  • Improves Early Signs Of Aging
  • Does Not Clog Pores
  • High Level Of Antioxidants
  • Vitamins A,E,D,C,F
  • Contains Fatty Acids Great For Hair Strength And Growth

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