Watch Tamar Braxton Confirm Her Talk Show Is “Definitely Happening” A Steve Harvey Production

Tamar Braxton

The Tamar Braxton Show

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Tamar Braxton assures her fans that her talk show is “definitely happening”. After The Real Gate happened, Tamar was no longer apart of the hit talk show featuring a diverse young female panel. Tamar’s talk show deal was announced via the Steve Harvey show, and Steve’s production company will produce the talk show.

Even though we haven’t heard much about Tamar’s talk show since leaving The Real, in a recent interview with Essence Magazine, Tamar says, the show is in the works and actually happening. Considering she’s gearing up to release what she believes is her greatest album to date, I suppose the talk show will be after that release and tour.


Knowing Tamar’s last album under performed to her standards due to The Real, the reality show, and Dancing With The Stars, Calling All Lovers wasn’t fully promoted. Even though it was a fan favorite and millions streamed that album, what we don’t want to see is Tamar back herself into yet another corner with her new talk show and this new album. Being a smart business woman, Tamar will be just fine, fans will enjoy her new album, the tour, and the talk show.

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