How Janet Jackson Reminds Us All How To Be ROYAL | Janet Breaks The Internet With Baby Eissa

Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson shared the first exclusive photo of baby Eissa AlMana Jackson April 14th 2017. Amidst much controversy and rumors Janet reminded us what it means to be royal, and stay above the gossip and drama. How? By releasing a photo that broke the internet, letting us know, she’s happy and unbothered.

Janet Jackson is a queen and continue to be just that. While photos leaked of her walking baby Eissa and social media fat shamed her [see photo below]. Janet shows us how to handle bully’s. You simply focus on you, do you and show people the light inside of you, and if Eissa is not a light, I don’t know what is!

Fat Shaming Janet Jackson:

“Janet Jackson’s pregnancy weight was still visible as she emerged from her London home on one of her first outings since giving birth to her baby son. Meanwhile, a top doctor, who has not treated Jackson, warned that the singer may be doomed to be fat forever.” -Radar Online

Janet Jackson & Baby Eissa

The photo of Janet and Eissa was posted 9:17pm on Facebook and throughout social media, by 9:18 the photo was shared over 1,000 times. 30 mins after the photo was posted, every blogsite, news site, and exceptional website like TheBLACKMedia, shared and wrote articles about the new born sun/son. That’s how you break the internet, not being naked. No shade.

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