The Sandra Bland Act Climbs To Approval But With Major Cuts Defeating The Purpose Of The Bill

Sandra Bland

The Sandra Bland Act

The Sandra Bland Act get’s approved by the Senate, which means the bill successfully made it out of the committee for review for a full vote by the Senate. The bill which was cut, cropped and edited once focused on policing police, now focuses on mental health care in jail.

Considering Sandra Bland was wrongfully pulled over, assaulted while being unarmed, and murdered in jail, mental health plays no part here. Having a bill pass that focuses on mental health, which before the major cuts the bill focused on preventing officers from arresting people for offenses they were supposed to be fined for, is suspect.

The Sandra Bland Legacy:

The author of the bill John Whitmire tried to explain the compromise with the cuts from the bill, but failed to do so effectively stating; ‘This is primarily a mental health accountability — when we admit someone, that the questionnaire will trigger the responses because they have a mental health condition. If we made it as comprehensive as it was when we introduced it, we probably wouldn’t be having this hearing today.’ –News

While mental health needed to be a focus, so does murdering Black unarmed people in jail. Although mental health can lead to suicide, I and millions of others including Sandra’s family believe Sandra did not suffer from mental illness and did not commit suicide. In the video below, you’ll witness the pure essence of strength and longevity, not depression and suicide. This bill should be passed, but only if it’ll actually help, and it appears it won’t, it appears they are using her name to soften the murder.

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