Motrin’s #WomanInProgress Featuring Tracee Ellis Ross & Why You Should Join


Tracee Ellis Ross joins Motrin in their campaign Woman In Progress. Being a pain medication, the theme of Woman In Progress deals with using pain to come through any situation. Tracee being the inspirational influencer she is, joins to help promote this campaign.

A true campaign Tracee in the video above shares what it means to be a woman in progress. From the title alone it’s something woman of all races and ages should join because it represents a moving force. Women are the backbone of the world, and forever in progress, and forever in pain, however, it should never overcome.

Tracee Ellis Ross #WomanInProgress On The Real:

Tracee visited The Real to talk more about the campaign to bring it to more eyes, more women. Prior to her visit, women all over have been using the hashtag women in progress to promote what it means to live with pain, manage it, and still continue to push through! Women are the future!

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