How Jason Derulo’s “Swalla” Remix Reminds Us Of Those Old School Joints


Remember Those 90s Remixes

Jason Derulo releases “Swalla” the remix featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolls Sign. Unlike most remixes of the past five years, where produces use the same song to chop and screw, or speed up and add another beat under the original vocals, this record is a real remix.

This remix is a slower version of the pop original, and it’s fire! While the normal version is more energetic the After Dark remix let’s you feel the song more. Everyone remixed their original voice parts and stayed with the slower track. Even though they kept the original lyrics, which changing them would’ve been amazing, the song is still hot!

Jason Derulo After Dark Remix:

Ya’ll remember those 90’s remixes where they would slow down songs, or if the songs were slow speed them up, but change the song? Remixes like “Anything” by SWV which at its original master is a slow song, people still don’t even realize that the version with Method Man is not the original. That’s what a remix is supposed to do.

Ya’ll Feeling This Remix?

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