Watch Nicki Minaj Confirm Nas Dating Rumors The King & Queen Of Queens

Nas & Nicki

Nicki Minaj stopped by the Ellen Degeneres show, and in true Ellen fashion, no punches were held when asking about Nas. The above photo was posted to Nicki and Nas’s IG pages, and social media went a buzz. The two rap legends, both from Queens, as shown, look pretty comfy together.

Considering the two rappers appeared kissing in a Nicki Minaj video before, it’s surprising the two are now dating. Nicki Minaj confirmed on Ellen that the two are in fact, dating, and taking it slow. Nicki also confirmed she and Nas are not sleeping together, but that she may make her celibacy exceptional just for him.

Nicki Minaj Confirms NAS Dating Rumors:

Ellen made sure to ask about the dating rumors, but in true Ellen form, she used Nicki’s breast to do the job. When asking about Nicki’s Paris adventures and her breast making an appearance she asked if Nas enjoyed them as well. Hilarious! If the two decide to become a couple, the two will be The King and Queen of Queens. Nicki spent a great time at the Ellen show and received 25,000 dollars from Ellen’s friends to go towards #NickiTuition. Watch Below:

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