Wind Up ft. Quavo A New Keke Palmer Visual So Raw So #GullyGetDown

Wind Up

The #GullyGetDown

Keke Palmer releases a new music video “Wind Up” feat. Quavo to go along with her latest single. TheBLACKMedia, after watching this video decided to call her swag, her new, the #GullyGetDown as it expresses Keke in whom she is today! A beautifully shot music video, Keke isn’t holding back. After a successful release of her EP Lauren, “Wind Up” is taking us to the Keke of today.

“Wind Up” is a braggadocios record and an in yo’ face music video that features Keke doing what she loves, dancing! Keke Palmer, often seen dancing via social media uploads, has truly become a millennial icon for her generation. Through her dance, acting, singing, and sheer need for the masses to hear the truth, and the real, Keke’s wind up is a movement!

Keke Palmer Wind Up Feat. Quavo:

Not a child actor anymore, and hasn’t been for years this young adult is telling the world to boss up, journey with her or get left! This new music video showing her free side, her wild side, and her cussin’ fed up side is new for Keke, but not really. It’s the Keke we’ve all been waiting for and secretly hoping she was all along.

Wind Up is a fantastic music video and a freeing record. Thanks to Keke Palmer, we now have something to get down to, but not just any get down the #GullyGetDown where we remove all fear, all rules, and just get down. Turn up ya’ face, dip it low, bend and wind that thang back on up. No matter what race, or sex you are, this video will get you there!


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