Should Women Expose Men In A Relationship Who DM Them? Here’s Why They Should

It goes down in the DM’s as Yo Gotti so eloquently put it, but should it? In 2017, now more than ever, promiscuity, cheating, and side pieces, are used as a tool of promotion. In media it’s often received as the new cool thing, or hip thing to do, and who doesn’t want to be cool right?

Morality is at an all time low and it appears it’s reached sacred bonds. Divorce rates, according to the CDC, has stayed pretty much constant since the year 2000. The turn of the century brought more independence, racer music, film, television, the rise of the internet, and porn’s ease of access. While the latter may not have anything to do with the divorce rate, it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Should Women Expose Men In A Relationship Who DM Them?

Simply put, yes!

If a man who you can see is in a relationship, or you know is in a relationship is sending you a DM you deem inappropriate because he has a girlfriend, wife, or is dating someone you should absolutely expose him. Gaging what’s appropriate and what’s not is not difficult, messages like; “hey beautiful, sup, what’s good, we should hang out” are often things women have reported to see in their DM’s by men in relationships.


Exposing men who do this will: one; get them out of your inbox and clear your name of “homewreckerdom”, two; allow the person they are with to choose if they wish to remain with them or not, and three; teach him a lesson about inappropriate behavior. While some women may keep it to themselves or simply ignore the guy DMing them, I wonder if the same were to happen to them, would they want to stick around their man, if given the choice?

The same can be said for any sexual orientation relationship. We must stop allowing Men to get away with inappropriate behaviors, and something as small as a screenshot and a tag, especially if women at large agreed to expose (think Lysistrata), would completely rid the social sphere of that accessibility. Women are a lot more powerful then the world wants you to believe.

To those who believe otherwise, I’d like to know why, share your thoughts, but also be real with yourself, are you entertaining him for your own selfish reasons? Are you not exposing him for the same? Or do you simply believe otherwise?

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