“Women Are More Emotional Than Men” A Historically UnTrue Statement Not Fit For 2017

“Women are more emotional than men” a statement so untrue it boils my blood! Have we not evolved? Is Google not working? Are we unable to comprehend the falsity of that statement? Besides the fact that it helps strengthen the myth that Women are subpar to men, it’s simply not true!

How can Women be more emotional than men if human beings are equal emotional creatures? The answer is, they can’t! Considering Women, globally, didn’t have many rights until men decided to give them some, statements like the latter slithering out of a males mouth is not uncommon. In fact, more men believe it to be true than women.

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Historically men have been at the forefront of abuse, war, murder, conquer, and leadership. Throughout hundreds of years, men have “ruled”. Are those who co-sign “Women are more emotional than men” saying that all those years of maledom was done apathetically? Doubt it!

One can argue that statement was created to promote male dominance over Women by implying, men are better because we aren’t emotional like women (which is clearly untrue). Often times you see this expressed in news, media, and even women who’ve been convinced that they are less than a man. The clip above shows a prime example of how men root each other on in their ignorance only to make women believe there is something wrong with them, when in fact, there is not!


What men (and Women) fail to realize is that there are numerous emotions other than the few often equated to Women. Emotions like: sadness, annoyance, bitterness, and insecurity are often used to describe Women, and often as an absolute as if Women can’t produce other emotions. When it comes to men: angry, composed, relaxed, brave, and greatness are emotions often associated to them, but seldom to Women. The list of emotions that men parade are proud emotions many feel men should have, but what if I told you NO EMOTION IS EXCLUSIVE?! (thus proving women can’t be more emotional idiots!)

That’s right! Over 7 billion human beings exist on Planet Earth, and instead of thinking Women are more emotional, try the truth, the fact: Women and Men are equally emotional! Women may display a group of emotions categorized by precedents and the same for men, but each of us display emotions in reaction to momentary circumstances. Scientist and studies have all come back inconclusive because gender expression is a conundrum that can’t be explained, it just is.

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For instance; a man might say; “see look at her she’s yelling and screaming being all emotional, women are too emotional” while displaying a list of emotions himself: annoyance, anger, bluntness, combativeness, etc. The idea that Women express more then men is simply not true, as each sex MUST express some form of emotion in order to be considered alive. Even those suffering from alexithymia can display emotions, they just aren’t aware.

Furthermore, for every woman you find yelling, screaming, sad, crying, upset, and angry, you can absolutely find 10 more males doing the same thing! The funny thing is, you don’t even have to look that far, just pick up a damn mirror and say; “Hi!” Full List Of Emotions.

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