Silence The Shame: Shanti Das Breaks The Mental Health Stigma At American Sushi Recording

Shanti Das

Shanti Das founder of Silence The Shame: a movement created to reverse the stigma in speaking about mental health in Afrikan communities, did exactly that July 19th. Making a stop at American Sushi Recording studio, Shanti, along with Therapist Vaughn Gaye, and founder of TheBLACKMedia led a panel discussion.

During the open discussion, audience members, including Jamie Lake, founder of American Sushi Recording, were captivated, and ready to share. Shanti, being a veteran music executive, was able to share her experiences on the other side of the industry that many don’t often hear about.

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Shanti Das spoke candidly about losing her father, dealing with shame, depression, and finding ways to deal with it. Vaughn Gaye, the therapist on panel, made sure the audience knew exactly what they needed to do to rid themselves of mental health issues.

Vaughn made sure we knew to identify our triggers, and our issues. Doing this can lead to healing, and a better understanding of self. Vaughn also made sure we took preventative measures in self care that can prevent depression, and other illnesses from ever happening. Self care is super important, taking time out of your day to care for self is the most selfless act a person can do. If you’re not ok, how can you help anyone else?

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