OWN Network To Premiere “Black Love” August 29th Powerful Stories About Marriage

Black Love

There’s a myth that it doesn’t exist, but OWN is here is demystify the false narrative because Black Love does exist! Black Love, OWN’s new docs-series features many different married couples including some of our favorite celebrities, sharing their stories.

The good, the bad, and the indifferent, we get a chance to see people of colour in a way that we’ve never seen quite like this. Side by side each couple sits and speaks candidly about their struggles, their love, happy moments, and times of fear.

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OWN writes;

“Black Love highlights love stories from the black community and seek to answer the burning question, What is the secret to making a marriage work? Husband-and-wife filmmakers Codie and Tommy Oliver present real, honest, emotional and sometimes cringe-worthy love stories from some of the most successful people in business and entertainment as well as everyday couples. Featured couples include Oscar® winner Viola Davis and Julius Tennon, Hollywood power couple Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin and more…”

This will be a must see. It will make us laugh, cry, think harder, but feel proud to be Black in Amerikkka loving one another as we should. I just wish the couples were more diversified.

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