The NASA Is Hiring Planetary Protection Officers To Protect Earth From Aliens

NASA posted a listing via the official government USAJobs website in search for Planetary Protection Officers to protect Earth from aliens. This is not a casting call for the next Spielberg movie. This is real life hiring! As anti-climatic as this is, and quite hilarious, the elephant in the room is, is Earth about to be under attack by aliens?

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is searching for officers who can help protect possible; “organic-constituent and biological contamination”, (aka) aliens from outer space making it back to Earth from a space ship. So, although these aren’t green Beings, it’s alien form, which simply means unknown.

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This is no job for the weak minded. While the job listing is open to U.S Citizens and Nationals the qualifications may blow your mind. “Candidates must possess broad engineering expertise at least 1-year of which is in positions at or comparable to the GS-15 level. Must be a recognized subject matter expert possess…”. Im not sure what they are teaching you at your college, but I didn’t learn that in Science 101.

Obviously this job is meant for those studying a high level of science and mathematics, which is probably way the salary is to die for! At almost $200,000 a year, I’d love to learn the field and protect this Earth from aliens! Where Do I sign up?!

See If You Qualify: USAJOBS

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