Girls Trip Becomes Box Office Smash Hit With Over 100 Million Grossed Worldwide!

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Less than a month in theaters Girls Trip becomes a mega Box Office success grossing over 100 million dollars world wide! Girls Trip is the number one comedy in 2017, all Black, all female leads, all unprecedented, making Girls Trip the first to ever do it. With over 100 million domestically as of August 17th, its truly unbelievable.

With a lesser budget than movies compared to, like Bridesmaids, and the often short end of the stick when it comes to how many theaters this film was shown in, Girls Trip’s success is magical! Literally the funniest film of 2017, Kenya Barris (writer/creator of Blackish) who wrote the film, Malcolm D. Lee who directed and Will Packer who produced it, are match made!

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Is Hollywood ready for this take over? The simple answer is No. If you’re running the industry for years, and someone else is having major success, which if continued could trample your success wouldn’t you be fearful? But this is the gag, people of colour wish to exist within unity, and there’s simply enough pie to share with everyone. Fear not, let’s all work!

Considering Get Out grossed over 200 million in the box office, and Girls Trip over 100 million, not to mention films featuring Black Actors In Lead Roles grossing over 100 million (Fast and Furious, Baby Driver etc.), I say 2017 is the year of recognizing. When “Hollywood” creates UNIVERSAL films that appeal to the world and place people of colour within the lead, they will always come out on top.

Specially in 2012 people of colour in film, in front of the screen, and behind it, have proved we can bring in great numbers, if only we have great stories. If only our great stories get selected to be produced. Think Like A Man proved that, Hidden Figures proved it, Get Out, Girls Trip, and we have so much more. Tis what we do, we’re magic!

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