Letoya Luckett Captures That Old Thang “In The Name Of Love” 90’s Feels Video

Letoya Luckett released the last installment to her three part extended music video; “In The Name Of Love”. Preceded by “Back 2 Life” and “Used To” greeted with millions of views, Letoya has produced quality music and entertainment. “In The Name Of Love” is an instant heart churner.

Streamed over 2 million times, “Back 2 Life” the album is a certified hit, but why wouldn’t it be with songs like; “Worlds Apart”. Taping into that 90s feel, that early 2000 video style, and pure joy in love, “In The Name Of Love” for many, is a classic Letoya record. A Grammy worthy album, Letoya has one of the greatest R&B albums of 2017. 

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Letoya Luckett “In The Name Of Love”


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