Black Hair Stylist Help Fix The Hair Of Hurricane Harvey Victims & Why Its Important

Hurricane Harvey

Ever since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston Texas, millions have watched in agony. Seldom are their moments of relief in huge disasters like this, but seeing people come together to help each other always soothes us all. A group of Black hair stylist volunteered their services to make sure the spirit of Houston evacuees were lifted.

Hurricane Harvey Victims Get Lifted!

While providing hair care services for victims who’ve just been displaced from their homes due to a natural disaster may not strike you as important, here’s why it is. When a disaster strikes sometimes you’re left days without a shower, clean water, food, and hope. Providing hair care services allows the victims to feel beautiful, special, clean, and more importantly it provides the hope they need to remind them this disaster is momentary.

Providing hope is never a bad thing. BuzzFeed grab the exclusive of 59 year old Christal Mercier who said; “You might have gone through the storm but you don’t have to look like you went through the storm….If you make people look good on the outside, they feel good on the inside”. Christal Mercier owns a hair salon in Houston, and a non-profit; Hair Dreams By Christal. A simple effort of relief, but a major hope provider.

The hair stylist provided lasting hair styles (braids) to keep each evacuee feeling good longer. The stylist even provided hair cuts for men at the pop up shop. For ways you can help, donate, and provide hope click here.

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