K. Michelle New Single “Birthday” Has The R&B Singer Rapping & It’s Lit Listen:

K. Michelle

K Michelle released “Birthday” September 8th 2017 an R&B single with strong hiphop elements, which is not may be the lead single off #PeopleIUsedToKnow, just a tie over for the fans. The singer has been using that hashtag, and even created an IG account for it. Fans have been wondering what the project will be, and this could be an indication of that, if it is, it’s sounding great already.


Not just a singer, this restauranteur is branching out a bit more and giving us bars. We witnessed K. Michelle rapping on her hit album “More Issues Than Vogue” with her single “Mindful”, and now we hear it again, but more gritty. It’s a bop, and K. Michelle is reinventing herself.

“Birthday” is a revealing record that deals with compromising, giving, treating, but understanding the real. It’s not exactly a new sound from K Michelle, but it is an evolution. The album artwork adds to the evolution, the mystery, for listeners to just enjoy without attaching a face to the record. It’s smart, its a record that can hit radio and become a join to listen to on repeat.

K. Michelle Birthday AUDIO:

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