Black Homophobia, Masculinity & White Supremacy Tre Melvin Connects & Dismantles

Youtube phenomena Tre Melvin released an informative video detailing the atrocities of homophobia in the Black community, particularly with Black Men. Black Homophobia deals with the prejudice and disdain people of colour have for the LGBTQ community. It exists as a fear that God believes being Gay is an unnatural sin, and that being straight is being closer to God, better, or as it should be.


Tre Melvin amassed millions of subscribers before coming out as bisexual a few years back, to later come out as simply gay. An advocate for unity, Tre couldn’t wrap his head around the reason some Black Men stopped supporting Deray McKesson in his Black Lives Matter plight once they found out he was gay. As if being gay has anything to do with police killing unarmed Black Men.

What Is Black Homophobia?

Black Homophobia exists in several forms: self hate; being secretly or openly gay but hating the inability to change, religious hate; the disliking of beings who are assumed to have a choice, and plain ol’ ignorance. Tre Melvin breaks down why it’s wrong, and how it further cages us all, and we agree.

Homophobia should not exist. The origins of disdain can be traced back to early white supremacy and the emasculating of Black Men in which white supremacist made male slaves believe they are only worthy if they are strong, mean, angered, dominating, and savage.

Over one hundred years later, if you’re a Black Man and you’re not displaying the latter, you are seen as “not a man”, and since many believe Gay Black Men are in fact, not Men, the cycle continues. A mythical threat has been spread that confuses the effects of supremacy that states; white supremacist wants us to be gay, when in fact, the only tool of oppression that cages us in this vain is communal hatred.

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