Watch As Zoë Kravitz & Janelle Monae Shine In Tiffany & CO. Fall Campaign

Zoe Kravitz and Janelle Monae land major roles in Tiffany & CO’s fall campaign. Celebrating the legacy of Tiffany & CO. the company found unapologetic artist to share their stories. Janelle Monae being the leader of an unapologetic style, black and white, suited up movement, she’s perfect for this. Zoe being the epitome of free beauty and sheek style, together they reign.

Tiffany & CO. Fall Campaign;

“Our fall 2017 campaign celebrates our brand legacy with women and men who epitomize everything we believe in. The photographs, captured by Inez & Vinoodh, show actors, artists, dancers and musicians who are empowered, intelligent and unafraid to express themselves through their very personal style.”

When major companies with large multi-million dollar platforms recognize people of colour for being themselves in all their beauty, it inspires the world to change their thought process. This is a major deal for viewers around the world, and for the two Queens in the video. Catch this melanin richness!

Zoe Kravitz Interview:

Janelle Monae Interview:

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