Actress Tami Roman Bonnet Chronicles Are Now Hilarious Short Episodes Watch

Actress Tami Roman is now producing short episodes of her famous Bonnet Chronicles character petty betty on Youtube. For over a month Tami has been posting short episodes, longer than the one minute Instagram gives her, of a fully produced version of Bonnet Chronicles. Tasha Smith even said something big may happen with it. Produced and written by Tami Roman and Ernest Dukes, the hit IG chronicle with over 1 million followers is now extended.


In the latest episode of Bonnet Chronicles, Tami Roman as Petty Betty gets a call from a bill collector at 5am, waking her up. In a turn of twist, let’s just say petty betty gets the bill collector back. It’s one thing to sit in front of a camera and speak, it’s another to produce and write scripts that are hilarious. This point of view is one that many can relate to.

Bonnet Chronicles:

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