Apple Unveiled The $999 iPhone X & Black Twitter Erupts

iPhone X

During Apple’s latest event, they revealed the new iPhone. The iPhone X, which is priced at $999, aka 1 thousand dollars, is the most expensive iPhone, maybe even cell phone on the market. Considering their laptops, MacBook, and MacBook pro series are priced around the same amount of money after taxes, why would anyone buy this cell phone?

999 iPhone X

Not being an apple phone user myself, I rely on family and friends who’ve looked at what their current iPhones can do and what the iPhone X will do. After researching, they find, it isn’t a better phone, but more space, and more fun to have for the sake of having. If you’ve got 999 to spend, gone head, but if not, pay your rent and use the phone you have.

Leave it to Black Twitter, who culturally are known for moving culture and keeping it real, to truly let the world know how they feel. According to Apple the iPhone X has no home button, still no headphones, but has fast charging (30mins). Will you be buying one? Keep it real.


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