Singer K. Michelle Has Special Plans For Her Record Label Deal With Atlantic

K. Michelle record label

In 2016 K. Michelle announced she has her own record label with Atlantic Records and she’s looking for artist. After opening an email account and being flooded with auditions, K Michelle fans, auditioners and more have been wondering; “what’s happening”. TheBLACKMedia reported the story last year and over 20,000 article clicks, and 1000s of emails later, we finally have answers.

A source close to TheBLACKMedia told us that they’d be seeing K Michelle this past weekend. We asked our source to get word about the record label, our source tells us the following; “I asked her and K Michelle said she has special plans for the record label just wait.” No word yet on if those audition tapes will be considered, but Im sure they will be.

Recently the K released a new single under Atlantic called “Birthday”. K also opened her restaurant in Atlanta. Gearing up to release another project, the singer is busy, and knowing K Michelle from her reality show, she puts 100 percent of herself into a project so its safe to say, her record label will receive the same. Just wait guys, more information as we get updated.

K. Michelle 2016 Record Label Announcement:


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