Kenneka Jenkins Death Photos Released Family Says It Raises More Questions

Update: [10.6/20.17] Kenneka Jenkins death is ruled an accident. No foul play was found, or physical abuse, however the autopsy revealed along with the obvious traces of alcohol a drug prescribed for epilepsy was found in her system, the family says she was never prescribed that drug. While she may have been treated for epilepsy, the specific drug topiramate, was not apart of the treatment, leaving the family further confused. The case has been closed and files from the investigation has been released, the family says the disturbing photos of how they found Kenneka only brings more questions.

Graphic Photos Have Been Released 1,2,3

The photos should’ve never been released, her family has been through enough, but in an effort to keep our feet on the necks of those involved, the revolution must be televised. Something is not right here, and THEY can’t get away with this one. According to scientist, paradoxical undressing occurs when people are freezing to death, they sometimes remove their clothing. However, there’s much to be said for these photos, that simply isn’t being said. The video does not show Kenneka walking herself into the freezer in which she was found dead in days after she went missing. The question still arises, how did Kenneka get into the freezer?

In the video we see Kenneka Jenkins appearing to be in major distress, appearing under the influence of some sort of drug or alcohol. Foul play can be assumed from this, but what’s on everybody’s mind is, if she is this unstable, who opened the freezer, and who placed her in it? Can you open a freezer if you’re that gone? Cops still suspect no foul play, but they’ve been wrong before.

[9.22.17 Update] Protestors are out at the hotel of the crime scene again, this time larger and chanting, “Release the tapes, the real tapes”. Justice for Ms. Jenkins isn’t something we’re going to let up until the truth is spoken. See below.

Kenneka Jenkins Video:

While very disturbing the videos do not show Ms. Jenkins entering the freezer, they do so her appearing to be weak, and literally stumbling around as if she’s in pain. A hard watch, but an interesting one. I encourage all people to STOP assuming and creating your own stories, and let the truth unfold. At the same time, never let your foot off of their neck, justice must be served if something fishy is going on here, and it appears, it may have been.

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