Trevor Noah Renewed Through 2020 As The Daily Show Host & Why It Matters

Trevor Noah gets renewed as The Daily Show host through 2020! Trevor received a 5 year contract planting him as not only a prominent figure in talk, but an important figure. Being a South Afrikan born entertainer, his perspective on hot topics, and most importantly Political topics is one that we need in the Black community. If not Trevor, then who?


Trevor Noah’s story as a bi-racial South Afrikan who’s parents were together illegally in South Afrika due to apartheid, gives him passion. The passion for equality, morality, and the betterment of all, especially the disenfranchised is one that we simply do not have on television, without him. The Daily Show is here to stay, and Trevor is here to keep us informed.

Trevor Noah On DACA:

“It’s really exciting to renew this contract for either five more years or until Kim Jong Un annihilates us all — whichever one comes first,” Noah.

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