Kevin Hart Releases A Heartfelt Apology Video To Wife & Kids Over Extortion

Kevin Hart

September 16th 2017 Kevin Hart got ahead of a scandal and released an apology video to his Wife and Kids apologizing for his behavior that lead to someone trying to extort him for money. It appears the apology was already given to his wife and kids, but a public apology was made to dismantle the possible scandal to come. It’s rare that we see this from celebrities, so TheBLACKMedia commends Kevin for doing this, however, the important lesson is, maturity. It takes strength to do what he did regardless of what he did, how many of us can confess our sins publicly?

“Im Not Perfect”

During the video Kevin Hart admits to the error of his ways. Even though Kevin used the word “mistake” to describe it, and TheBLACKMedia is clear about what a mistake is, and isn’t, not knowing much about this situation, we can pull from what he said that what he did was in fact, not a mistake, but a regret. Either way, it’s good for people to see this coming from our celebrities, especially men, because seldom do we see the real on social media.

Kevin Hart’s Apology:

Kevin Hart Reps; “Someone tried to set Kevin up in a failed extortion attempt. As law enforcement is involved, we cannot comment further as it could affect the investigation”. Apparently a sexually suggestive video was taken involving Kevin Hart and a woman he threaten to expose him.

TMZ reports the video suggests sex and towards the end reveals Kevin Hart was involved. Cheating is never ok, and if that’s what Kevin is confessing too while his pregnant wife sits home in pain, be clear, TheBLACKMedia does not and never will condone cheating. Cheating is foul and disgusting, and Kevin getting infront of this scandal is an indication of fault. Let this article be a lesson. The Video Has Surfaced, and it appears more than one woman was in the video.

The case is now a full on FBI investigation. A multimillion dollar extortion play. While the hype about the FBI investigation is hitting the web, the fact is, if Kevin was not in compromising positions, heading to cheating, and or actually cheating, this FBI investigation wouldn’t’ve happened. This is nobodies fault but Kevin’s. The 4 min video is an edit of clips of Kevin speaking in interviews, and of sex, the video includes footage of a man that appears to be Kevin, and the extortionist wants money.

Kevin’s Ex Speaks Out:

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  1. He’s being extorted. That’s illegal. It’s not his fault someone is practicing criminal behavior. He’s responsible for his actions. Not hers! So no, the investigation is not entirely his fault.

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