Jada Pinkett Smith Responds To Leah Remini “I Am Not A Scientologist”


Jada Pinkett Smith took to twitter to respond to Leah Remini’s allegations that Jada is a secret scientologist. Leah claims she’s seen Jada at many Scientology events for years, which was her proof that Jada was apart of the cult-like organization. Scientology and their strict rules has forced Leah Remini to come out about them and expose their ways, citing it as a religion no one should be apart of. Making Jada apart of that haze, made Jada finally speak out.

“I have studied Dianetics, and appreciate the merits of Study Tech… but I am not a Scientologist.”

Known for her unifying characteristics it’s not odd that you’d see Jada experiencing different cultures and religions. Considering the back lash of scientology, being a celebrity and having your name attached to that organization isn’t exactly a positive thing. Jada Pinkett’s response was perfect, and classy. Jada made sure readers knew, she’s not a scientologist, but a seeker, delivering one of the most classy, intelligent ol nasty reads of 2017. Speak not, if you know not. Amen?

Jada Pinkett Scientologist Response;

“I recently lit Shabbat candles with Rabbi Bentley at Temple Sinai… but I am not Jewish. I have prayed in mosques all over the world… but I am not a Muslim. I have read the Bhagavad Gita… but I am not a Hindu. I have chanted and meditated in some of the most magnificent temples on earth… but I am not a Buddhist. I have studied Dianetics, and appreciate the merits of Study Tech… but I am not a Scientologist. I practice human kindness, and I believe that we each have the right to determine what we are and what we are not. NO ONE ELSE can hold that power.”

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