Aisha Tyler On Hollywood’s True Lack Of Diversity A Solution That Could Work

Aisha Tyler recently sat with Larry King and discussed the lack of diversity in Hollywood. Unlike most narratives, Aisha took a route that seldom gets air time, story telling. While many focus on placing the disenfranchised: people of colour, women, and the handy-capable in positions rarely given, Aisha tackled a universal theme. She gave a solution that could solve the Hollywood diversity crisis, tell different stories!

“Hollywood Keeps Telling The Same 8 Stories”

Aisha mentioning the money making reboot scheme that Hollywood is known for is a rare route for most celebrities. Many fear being blackballed speaking out against the machine. Often we hear about adding more people of colour to background works, lead roles, women in power leads, women directing, Black women in film, but tackling the money making machine isn’t common. More celebrities, especially of power should talk more about the content being produced. If the content was themed — maybe like how Shonda Rhimes casted/created Greys Anatomy, more diversity would be present.

Aisha Tyler On Hollywood Diversity;

“…We keep rebooting old television shows diversity in background means you tell different stories” and we agree. Films like “Girls Trip” just so happen to have an all Black cast, but could very well be an all white cast, and has been. Even the film Girls Trip featured an even array of people, and themes, story telling matters, not just who’s telling it.

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