Rihanna Announced Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection Colors, Lip, Shadow & More

Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection

Rihanna announced a new Fenty Beauty Holliday Collection, Galaxy via social media. Ever since Rihanna released Fenty Beauty she’s shaken up the cosmetic industry, and now she’s adding even more colour to the game. Known for her variety of foundations that sparked other companies to stretch their darker tones, Rihanna is now inspiring colour.

Coming October 13th

Brown girls in particular are often warned away from colour, but in Rihanna’s new Holliday collection, colour is the name of the game. It appears this Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection has a variety of pastel colours. Being from the Caribbean, colours, are of the culture and darker skinned women shine in different tones so why not the Fenty Beauty way?

While in Paris Rihanna revealed the name of this collection. According to Billboard; ‘You know how much I love Paris, right? So you know I had to launch Fenty Beauty here, in person, right?” Rihanna raved at the launch party, where she unveiled the Galaxy holiday collection. “I want to give a special thank you to Sephora, you guys are so fucking amazing. Thank you for being rockstars behind makeup. I couldn’t think of a better place to launch this with in Paris.’

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection;

HOLIDAY COLLECTION. You ready? October 13. @badgalriri

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