Studies Show Tattoo Ink Travels The Body FDA Warns ‘Think Before You Ink’

Tattoo Ink injection isn’t stopping at the skin. 3 out of 10 people have at least one tattoo, and the numbers are growing. More and more people are interested in getting tattoo’s, and the common warning of making sure the tools are sterilized, going to a certified shop, and making sure your tattoo artist are legit aren’t the only concerns, the type of tattoo ink matters.

Think BEFORE You Ink

According to recent studies tattoo ink was found in the lymph nodes of dead patients. Researchers have also found; “elevated aluminum, chromium, copper, iron and nickel levels in two of the four corpses with tattoos and elevated levels of titanium in all four”. There are possible links to cancer, infections and allergic reactions, not from the tools or bacteria, but from the actual ink itself. Your health matters, take precaution.

Tattoo Ink Concerns;

The ink used for tattoos are not properly regulated, but the FDA are making changes to find ink that is workable for the skin. In the mean time the FDA warns; ‘think before you ink’. The ink that’s used for tattoo’s, particularly ink that’s used for colour contain pigments; “used in printer toner or in car paint”. These kinds of inks should not be on the body, let alone in the body, so beware.

While there aren’t many reports, as this is new, that show the damage of this foreign liquid being in the body, the pre-caution is enough to make sure you not only check for sterile instruments, but for proper inks. Dr. Oz pointed out in the video above that there may be a link to inks used in the past vs the newer inks, although it all depends on the type of ink, which even if its sealed can obtain bacteria.

Quick solutions from TheBLACKMedia, if the FDA/Gov forced tattoo shops to warn consumers that they do not know what’s in the ink before purchase, it could help. Much like the warning on cigs having a high probability to cause cancer, people still smoke. Shops who know what’s in their ink would advertise that, and those who don’t won’t, but it’ll help the consumer choose.

Important Facts From The FDA;

“Inks and kits sold as ‘do-it-yourself’ to consumers have been associated with infections and allergic reactions. FDA is also concerned that consumers may not know how to control and avoid all sources of contamination.”

If you develop an infection from a tattoo or reaction; “First, contact your health care professional.

Second, notify the tattoo artist so he or she can identify the ink and avoid using it again. Ask for the brand, color, and any lot or batch number of the ink or diluent to help determine the source of the problem and how to treat it.

Third, whether you’re a consumer, tattoo artist, or health care professional, tell FDA. Provide as much detail as possible about the ink and your reaction and outcome. Reports from consumers are one of our most important sources of safety information.”

All in all, be safe, this is a warning, a precaution, don’t say we didn’t warn you guys.

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