Why You Should Never Compare Your Life To Another’s A Shameless Truth

Maya Washington Never Compare

Never compare your life to another’s. Maya Washington, known for her breakthrough Youtube channel as Shameless Maya, cleared the gaze of her success and grounded fans by telling them she’s about to be homeless. After reaching a milestone that only took 5 years, Maya’s now over 1 million Youtube subscribers looks a lot better than the reality.

“The perception of a million, you would think I have a million in the bank, and that’s just not the case, the reality is…im about to homeless.”

Social media has a way of making you think quality photos and video has anything to do with bank accounts. Sticking to her brand, Shameless Maya kept it real: a business owner who has exhausted all of her resources, gets a letter from her landlord saying she has to go. When you see Maya you see her jet setting, red carpets, throwing parties, working, opening her office, etc. you’d think she was balling! Not everything is as it seems, never compare your life, own it.

While I don’t believe Maya Washington doesn’t have enough money to live, considering she reached 1 million on Youtube, revenue from that, and outside works will keep her afloat. The moral of this video is, stop comparing your life to other people’s life! Everyone is struggling, and money is a major factor in that struggle, but its not everything. Stress, hard choices, death, these are just a few struggles people deal with. So when you see someone on Twitter with 1 million followers, don’t compare your life to theirs, live yours.

Why You Should Never Compare;

We are all more a like than we are different, so when you see someone else shining you salute them because you know without question, they struggled before that success. How do you know? Because everyone struggles, even those who are given things on a silver platter have struggles. Comparing your life to another’s is the fastest way to depression, especially since your base of comparison has nothing to do with their reality. Look at Maya, if you were comparing your life to her glamorous appearance, you’d think she had it made, but the reality is, she struggles too.

The same goes for the opposite, someone who may have less followers, or zero presence online, doesn’t mean their bank account is the same, or life. As Maya said, even though she will be homeless soon, and is dealing with many struggles, she will push through, celebrate where she is, but prepare for tomorrow. Watch;

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