Why Black NFL Players Locking Arms And Hiding In Locker Rooms Negates The Protest

Black NFL Players

Black NFL players are somewhat in a bind. Many fear they will be Kaepernicked so on September 24th during Sunday’s football games, a few took a knee in protest, but many did not. Many players locked arms with other players, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Seahawks, and Titans remained in hiding in the locker rooms. The problem with the latter is, not continuing Kaepernick’s bended knee is a clear sign of oppression, not unity.

“Standing with locked arms is good, kneeling is not acceptable” – trump

What’s clear is the NFL wants to gain more ratings and appear protest friendly to confuse amerikkka. Informing the players to lock arms and deem that appropriate vs a knee bending is like your slave massa saying; get yo ass up boy stand with the money that feeds you or perish. How can kneeling be so inappropriate? How can you compare that to literal white supremacist rallying causing mayhem and it being considered “very fine”. The current president went on national tv and called the mothers of the Black NFL players who kneel “sons of bitches” and as soon as there is a prime to to show solidarity, they hide in locker rooms and lock arms? No wonder Russell Simmons is pissed.


As J. Cole said; “This may be the biggest opportunity we have ever been presented to come together and show the world and ourselves our true economic power.” Unfortunately many people of colour are still watching the NFL and with too many players too comfortable in their oppression not kneeling in protest of Black bodies being murdered, it’s like nothing’s actually happening. The only way to win this war is to NEVER let up.

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