Terry Crews Symbolic Victory NFL Wake Up Call And Why We Should Listen

Terry Crews recently visited Hot97 and as an ex-football player the topic of kneeling in protest came up, and Terry had the perfect responses. Terry Crews informed us of the abusive relationship football players and the owners have, the carrot dangling mentality, and how the league is made up of mostly Black Men, but the owners of the NFL are insensitive to race issues in Amerikkka. But it was Terry’s stance on symbolic victory that we should take heed to.

“We Pulled Down The Statue In Charlottesville YAYYY, But You Can’t Get A Job In Charlottesville”

Crews is done with symbolic victory and calling on us to wake up! Symbolic victories: are weightless joys in response to outside successes that add no true meaning, compensation, personal life advances, or value [coined by Tahir Register]. As Crews pointed out in the video below; “DC Beat Boston, YAY!! But your life didn’t change!”. Rejoicing in symbolism is a condition that we must overcome.

Terry Crews On The NFL And Symbolism;

The euphoria of the symbolic victory will convince you change has come, when in reality, nothing in your life has progressed. Real victories deserve your joy, family victories, graduating college, etc. And while you can enjoy both, when it comes to sports, how many people do you know will lay their life on the line for people that care nothing about them? It’s how white supremacist have ruled people of colour for years, as the saying goes; “don’t make them rich, make them famous” and they’ll be happy. Symbolism!


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