American Sushi Recording Studios Block Hate Party A Day Of Unity & Vibes

American Sushi Recording Owner Jamie Lake
Jamie Lake, Owner Of American Sushi Recording Studios Photo © Tahir Register

Black owned, American Sushi Recording Studios held an evening of positivity with their Block Hate Party. A block party put together by Michael Dean, the PR for the studio that featured free music, food, vendors, and a great podcast station helmed by Trust Ya Dopeness leaders Greg, and Lola. It’s rare that you see a community of different races, faces, backgrounds, classes, and creeds come together to enjoy each other.

Coming Together To BLOCK Hate

Tears surfaced when poet Jonathan Grant took the stage to deliver a powerful peace about todays political environment and lack of awareness. Melissa, the representative of Criminal Records even gathered donations in support of Hurricane Irma, and Caribbean devastation through a fun raffle to further bring awareness to that mayhem. It was the perfect Saturday well spent, bands performed, love was passed, and food was eaten provided by Chris aka Chef Bowls whose pickled onions hit the spot!

American Sushi is not only known for their perfect hide away in Atlanta, wood panels, warm vibe, and stellar audio services, but for gathering the community in times of need. Check out the images of the day below.

American Sushi Recording Block Hate Photos;

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