Missing Body Of Ashanti Billie Found Behind Charlotte Church Parents Speak

Ashanti Billie

The body of 19 year old Ashanti Billie was found behind East AME Zion Church in Charlotte North Carolina. Ashanti went missing September 18th 2017 in Virginia after leaving the military base for work. Pieces of Ashanti’s items were found along the pursuit to find her like her cell phone, and car. The FBI launched a 10,000 reward search if someone found her, and a worker in Charlotte found Ashanti after he smelled something strange.

“Our community should know that our work does not end here.”

North Carolina is about 2 to 3 hours away from Virginia where Ashanti Billie was last seen. No word yet on how she got there, if she was murdered, committed suicide, or died from natural causes, but considering the climate we are in with politics readers are speculating racial foul play. Many suspected the boyfriend, but his alibi checked out, and is consider one of the good ones. The FBI claim to be committed to finding out the truth, and the parents of Ashanti are thankful, but asking everyone to continue the push.

Brandy Billie On Her Daughter Ashanti Billie

“To the person or persons that decided they wanted to take our baby away from us and away from everyone that loved her, you’re a coward. You didn’t deserve to breathe the air that she breathed at all,” said Brandy Billie. “Ashanti, baby, we love, we love you, and we love you.”

Culbreth said, “Our community should know that our work does not end here. Now our mission is to bring justice for Ashanti, and we will be relentless in our efforts to find who did this to her. We will not rest until the person who robbed Ashanti of her life, her promise and her future is held fully accountable under the law.”

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