Every Black NBA Player Should Kneel And Why It Will Help Change Amerikkka

Black NBA

Black NBA players should kneel, however due to recent news, NFL players have been scolded for kneeling in protest of police murdering unarmed Black Men and the NBA is not having it. The NBA released a memo that leaked. The memo cautioned NBA players to stand or there will be repercussions for their actions. Basically the white supremacist who own the NBA are putting fear in the Black NBA players minds that if they kneel they’ll be fired.

All BLACK NBA Players Should KNEEL

Every single Black person in the NBA should kneel! If there is unity, there can be no repercussion. If every single Black baller kneeled the league wouldn’t remove every single Black player, they’d make change, and Amerikkka would wake up and see that kneeling for Black people unjustly murdered by cops is NOT wrong. Kneeling in unity will inspire Amerikkka to research, realize, and wake up. We need Lebron, Curry, and more to kneel, or be apart of the problem.

NBA Representative On Kneeling;

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