Why Amber Rose Period Equity PSA Is Important For Women’s Equality

Recently Amber Rose starred in a Period Equity P.S.A in support of fighting ridiculous Tax placed on menstrual products for women. With over 20 million followers on social media, Amber Rose’s is helping to bring her fans to information they probably had no idea about, further helping the Women’s equality movement, and particularly this Period Equity organization.

“A Tax On Tampons Is A Tax On Half Of The Population”

Period Equity is the nations first organization fighting menstrual equity. Where items like doughnuts, chapstick, and cowboy boots in some state are tax free, in 36 states, tampons are. How ridiculous is that? Why should women be taxed for nature? Do we tax the people for the rain? A rain tax? A snow tax? Those are natural recurrences that can’t be controlled, and so is a woman having a period!

What Is Period Equity?

The movement calls for a tax removal in all 50 states so that menstrual products aren’t taxed and more affordable. There are women and little girls who often have to consider food over tampons leaving them in a state of uncleanliness, and isolation. Why should women have to choose to be bloody and feel dirty, or eat for the day? Many poor, or struggling women often go through this, and it’s simply unfair. Sign the petition to help this movement.

Amber Rose being apart of this organization is helping to bring millions of eyes to yet another patriarchal disaster. Taxing nature is a clear sign of greed. If I taxed the rain, I’d be rich, so why not tax half of the population in Amerikkka knowing they’ll need these products? A simple tax restructure could fix this issue, tax other things, but not menstrual products.

Tampons are not a luxury, and shouldn’t be taxed as such.

Amber Rose Period Equity PSA;

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