Lin-Manuel Miranda On Amerikkka’s Puerto Rico Relief “A Loan Is NOT Aid”

Lin-Manuel Miranda puerto rico

Puerto Rican composer, actor, and Broadway King (In The Heights, Hamilton) Lin-Manuel Miranda has had enough with the Amerikkkan system and calls for true relief for Puerto Rico. After hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, it left “About 1 million Americans without running water. 3 million without power. This is life one month after…”. The American system offers “aid” by delivering Puerto Rico loans for food, water, and to render some devastation, but can a loan be true help in this situation?

“Aid In The Form Of A Loan Is Not Aid”

Lin-Manuel Miranda gathered every Latino he could in entertainment and quickly made a beautiful record “Almost Like Praying”, which climbed the charts, and is selling so that the proceeds can go directly to Puerto Rico. During his promo tour Lin stopped by HOT97 and mentioned he is passionate about making sure we hold our government accountable, and that giving a loan to a state that’s already in debt because of this hurricane, is not actual help, and we agree. Head to iTunes and purchase “Almost Like Praying”, every dollar counts towards helping Puerto Rico.

Lin-Manuel Miranda – “Almost Like Praying”

Radio host Ebro brought up an excellent point that wealthy white men often see tragedies like hurricane damage as a sign to buy up property and rebuild in their image. That’s what sparked Lin’s response. We’ve seen it before, they’ve even made films about it, so why is it not widely known, and apart of the reform for change in Amerikkka? Makes you wonder right?

Lin-Manuel Miranda HOT97 Interview: [12:00]

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