Michelle Williams Talks Depression ‘I Was Suicidal’ & How Praying Isn’t Enough

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams recently revealed her past struggles with depression, but unlike her first reveal in 2013, this time she mentions she dealt with suicidal thoughts. Not everyone who struggles with depression deals with suicidal thoughts, so this came as a surprise that Michelle Williams had these thoughts at the height of her Destiny’s Child career.

“I Was To That Place Where It Go So Dark And Heavy…I Wanted OUT!”

Michelle Williams explained her depression started early, but she was too young to put a name to it. Matthew Knowles managed Destiny’s Child at the time and Michelle says after going to him about it, he, like many people, used material things to explain why she should be feeling ok, but she wasn’t. Yet another lesson that fame, money, and success does not breed joy.

If anyone is dealing with suicidal thoughts please contact: 1-800-273-8255 the suicide prevention hotline. An excellent point Michelle brought up was the cultural expectancy in Afrikan American communities, which is to “pray about it”. Unfortunately faith without works is dead, so simply “praying about it” won’t work, because its not supposed to. Pray, seek medication, assistance and help, God gave us wisdom for these sorts of things, prayer doesn’t fix, action does.

It’s vital that we Silence The Shame and normalize openly talking about our depression. Michelle is on a mission to do just that, and so is The BLACK Media. Please feel free to contact us, leave comments, or reach out to someone, talking always helps. You are not alone.

Michelle Williams On Depression And Suicide:

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