Tyler Perry’s Boo 2 No. 1 Movie In America Despite Being Shown In Less Theaters

tyler perry boo 2 number one box office

Tyler Perry’s Boo 2 A Madea Halloween tops this past weekends box office bringing in over 20 million dollars opening weekend. With an overall budget of 25 million, this Atlanta shot sequel was short 4 million recouping the budget, which means by next weeks end, Boo 2 will make double the budget. The first film was a huge success making over 70 million dollars against a 20 million dollar budget making Boo the second highest grossing Medea film, with Medea Goes To Jail at number one making 90 million dollars.

Films With Black Leads By Black People Often Get Shorted In How Many Theaters They Can Be Seen In

Shown in only 2,388 theaters, Tyler Perry’s supporters showed up and gave Tyler a number one comedy. A parody film, Tyler tapped into a dying art and made it funny. Despite being placed in less theaters, which often happens with films leading with actors of colour, what with Only The Brave in over 2,500 theaters, Geostorm, Happy Death Day, and Blade Runner in over 3,200 theaters, Tyler beat them out for that number one spot! Geostorm and Only The Brave opened with Tyler, and he crushed the box office.

With Geostorm having a major Hollywood budget at 150 million dollars, it makes you wonder why it only, in 3,246 theaters, brought in 13 million dollars opening weekend. Seems like if Hollywood bet on Black they’d make a lot more money then they have been. Reports say films have been declining in profit since 2013 except for major Marvel films and big budget films, Geostorm is proving otherwise, but Tyler Perry, is showing his power. If you haven’t seen Boo 2, head to the theaters today, it’s hilarious!

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween Trailer:

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