Chante Moore “Cover Me In Snow” Is An R&B Holiday Christmas Bop

Chante Moore cover me in snow

Chante Moore gears up to release her christmas album “Christmas Back To You” by releasing the first single “Cover Me In Snow”. Having released an R&B album “The Rise Of The Phoenix” September 2017, Chante is on a mission to give her fans new music, consistently. Once an R&B Diva cast member before cancelation, Chante regained access to new fans through the show, and hasn’t stopped releasing great music since.

“Cover me cover me in Snow…Baby I want you to..Cover me cover me in snow”

At 50 years old, this 1990’s R&B Veteran still has one of the greatest most capable voices of all time. With superior control of her whistle tone, which was made famous by Mariah Carey, Chante leaps ahead of the rest. Chante Moore’s first album was released in 1992 along with the hit song “It’s Alright”. Now-a-days the R&B songstress is using her youthfulness to express herself in music. “Cover Me In Snow” is a sensual sexually suggestive song about romance and love, with a modern beat, and stellar vocals.

Chante Moore Cover Me In Snow:

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