Mehcad Brooks ‘Tears Away’ New Single From Supergirl To Super Vocals

Mehcad Brooks Tears Away


Mehcad Brooks known for his role as Eggs on True Blood and his current role on Supergirl, has released his debut single “Tears Away”. Known for being a model and actor, who knew the southern born Calvin Klein client had a voice?! Not only is “Tears Away” a great song, Mehcad is a pretty damn good singer! Considering years back the Actor had an extreme bodily pain, a rare condition that made him flatline before being recovered, his journey to doing what you love without fear is inspiring.

Mehcad delivers on “Tears Away”. Raspy, strong vocals Brooks’s iconic deep voice shows up, but in clarity, passion, and vocal strength. The song itself has pop/rock elements topped with growl vocals, it has potential to take off. It’s a cinematic record, a journey, a poem, a great listen with great lyrics. With a True Blood vibe to it, it could work as a record in a new Drama as a theme song or scene recording. You can purchase the song on iTunes, and stream it live today!

Mehcad Brooks Tears Away:

“Run Along Go Ahead And Find Yourself With Someone Other…Other, I Know Right From Wrong”

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