Azealia Banks Talks RZA “I Lost A Friend” A Tearful Russell Crowe Truth

Azealia Banks Talks RZA and Russell Crowe

In recent news, RZA re-admits to Russell Crowe spitting at Azealia Banks. TheBLACKMedia sat with the rapstress after an explosive concert in Atlanta. Azealia Banks talks RZA, reasons why she was in LA, her lost friendship with RZA, and the unfiltered truth about why she was even at Russell’s private party to begin with. In a tear-filled exclusive interview with TheBLACKMedia, we learn not everything is as it seems, and that there’s always a reason for everything. In the video below Azealia Banks talks RZA and his true intentions for Banks and Russell.

“More then that, I lost a friend you know?”

RZA made headlines after lackluster websites wrongly reported “RZA finally admits Russell Crowe spat on Azealia Banks”. In 2016 during RZA’s TMZ interview, he admitted Russell spit at Azealia, making his recent statements during his radio promo, a reiteration, not a first. Either way, the undertone of his statements since the beginning reads; she deserved it. No one deserves to be spit on/at, especially not someone who RZA claimed is; “super talented and the consummate professional”. While I’m no psychologist, how can someone go from the consummate professional to an; “obnoxious erratic individual” for no reason?

In a statement released by RZA’s representative, they cite Azealia’s understandable “drop dead” comment as derogatory, but not any more derogatory/damaging then a Legend calling someone obnoxious and erratic. The statement also mentions Azealia’s past controversies and how RZA overlooked them, as if his past transgressions are squeaky clean, which they are not. The statement made it seem like Banks was “on a mission” to ruin Russell’s (who is currently under scrutiny for possibly hiding 2004 sexual misconduct about Harvey Weinstein), and RZA’s name, but never mentions why, or what was said to her, and the lack of assistance before the altercation that RZA did not partake in.

Considering RZA believes Azealia to be highly intelligent, it seems odd that someone of this caliber would randomly start an altercation without being taunted to. The statement even justifies spitting by coating it in; “While there is no excuse for spitting at anyone, you would have to be in the room to witness the whole ordeal to see exactly why the night ended that way.” Thus revealing a clear he said, she said incident that resulted in Azealia being witched, and hung in the media, as Women who speak out often are when it comes to “powerful” men.

Azealia Banks Talks RZA & Russell Crowe:

As exclaimed in their statement, enough is enough, either confess the event was a huge misunderstanding from both parties, or stay silent, but making Banks out to be the all mighty reason of deserving spit, racial slurs, and a lay of hands is a derogatory defamation of character, especially if there’s no tangible proof. Considering RZA is old enough to be her father, respect and decency should happen at some point, don’t you think?

In a recent instagram story (Nov 2) Azealia Banks apologized to R&B star SZA. Many claim the Rapstress never apologizes or holds herself accountable, but here she is yet again doing exactly that.

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