Pedosexual Myth Defined And Why Comparing It To LGBTQ Is Illogical

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What Is Pedosexual?

Mattering only via social media, pedosexual, this hoax of an “orientation” is actually defined by combining the nature of Pedophilia and the suffix often used to describe common orientations, sexual, to mean; sexual activity between an adult and a child. This is a hoax and should not be taken seriously, no laws are being passed nor will they ever in the US. By definition: sexual activity between an adult and a child is actually called; rape. [see why below]

Just Because It’s A Meme Doesn’t Mean It’s Real

Citing’s of the term pedosexual dates back as early as 2008 and possibly earlier then that. Research says the term was created when trying to understand Pedophiles, typically white males, and why they sexually abuse children. The term recently resurfaced around 2015 when Same Sex Marriage became legal in all 50 states often used by non-LGBTQ to disparage the LGBTQ community saying; “once this is legal, what’s next pedophilia?”, as if raping a child is the same as loving someone of the same sex. ..It’s not.

The Pedosexual Myth:

It’s been mythicized that pedosexuality is a secret agenda trying to be passed by the government to make, child rape legal. Videos have been created, memes have been made, and thousands are believing this falsity to be true. The fact is, sexual activity between an adult and a child will never be legal, and furthermore, no one in the government or the Amerikan Psychiatric Association is changing pedophilia to be defined as a good thing, nor a legal thing.

Fact, in May of 2017 the annual Amerikan Psychiatric Association Meeting took place and new discoveries were made, none of which cited changes to the definition of pedophilia. The term Pedosexual is not mentioned, and probably never will be because it’s a social phrase it’s not an actual, legal study conducted. In their latest poster the DSM-5 reports pedophilia as;

…a paraphilia defined as a disorder where adults or adolescents 16 years of age or older have intense and recurrent sexual urges toward and fantasies about prepubescent children that they have either acted on or which cause them distress or interpersonal difficulty.
Lately, there has been extensive scientific research to detect a possible inheritable cause of pedophilia, which is a strong contributing factor in addition to hormonal imbalance, lower IQ, left handedness, and structural abnormalities in brain imaging.
Due to strong national concerns, the legislature has enforced strong rules to protect the childrenNo. 62, 69, 114. Download Official Document Here

The well informed document continues to cite pedophilia as criminal and makes note that those dealing with pedophilic disorder may never act on it, but that society see’s it as one in the same, thus shaming those with it from seeking help. Many of whom suffer from comorbid depression. The latter is an issue also seen with people who suffer from depression, and mental illness, which is why troopers like Shanti Das reign in Silence The Shame trying to de-stigmatize mental disorders and seeking help as a shameful thing, but a healthy one.

In 2013 the DSM-5 made a slight change in viewpoint when dealing with pedophilia none of which changed the criminal, non-normative sexual preference or behavior of the term, only adding layers to better serve individuals with a pedophilic disorder. Page 19 Download Official Document Here

Sex Between An Adult And A Child Will Never Be Legal

If anyone has an “agenda” it’s the small population of individuals dealing with pedophilic disorder, which often leads to the comparison between homosexuals. Many believe reprobate minded pedophiles who believe sex with children to be normal will demand legalization to satisfy their agenda. The same can be said for weed, alcohol, and strip clubs, all legal, all seen as gateways to hell, disaster, sin, un-healthy life, and unfortunate death. Each once illegal, but made legal once white governors believed the revenue made from it, could benefit the United States. Food for thought.

The point is, if there is an agenda, it’s not one that enough people, especially in legislation believe in enough to ever let this pass as a bill, or national legalization. The reasons why is because there are simply more people with normative sexual preferences and behaviors then there are not.

For those reading this article with pedophilic disorder, and/or those who cannot grasp an understanding, here’s why sex with minors is wrong, and will never be legal in the US. As a general rule, human brains are not fully developed until after and/or between the ages of 25 – 27 years old. We hear this a lot, but it simply means there are parts of the brain that are seldom active when we are teens and prepubescent. Ironically it’s the part of the brain that we rely on for our decision making abilities. That part of the brain is called the Prefrontal Cortex. [as shown in the photo above]

Extensive studies and research shows teens and adults use their brains to think differently. Teens often use their amygdala, and adults use their prefrontal cortex more. As shown below, the amygdala is a small part of the brain, and it’s functions are nerved in: emotional behavior/stimulation, arousal, anxiety, fear, and motivation, which indicates why teens are often seen as “emotional horny devils”. As our brains get older and we become adults, we start to develop our prefrontal cortex which helps us with impulse control, emotional control, coordination, behavioral control, planning, prioritizing, focusing, and attention control.

As you can see, children, prepubescents, whether they seem interested or not, are simply not capable, physically or mentally to handle sexual attention in any form as it can damage the development of their prefrontal cortex, and subsequently their life after. As Humans step into teen-hood we start developing our prefrontal cortex, but not enough to fully understand and control possible urges brought on be unwanted, or influenced sex. It’s not until we are in our 30s do we truly understand the meaning of sex, and sexual relations fully, or enough to know that being an adult having sex with children is not only rape, but it’s destroying the future mind of a human being incapable of true choice pre-adulthood, a human being unfinished.


Comparing Pedosexual To LGBTQ Is Illogical

Claiming the LGBTQ community had anything to do with the creation, propaganda, and sharing of this non-viral impuissant meme, photo, flag, and ideology is not only illogical, it’s disrespectful and further hurts the community as a whole.

An adult raping a child is not the same as being attracted to the same sex, or having varied sexual preferences. In no way is the government or members of the LGBTQ community trying to add, pedophilia (pedosexual) to the list of sexual orientations to make it legal, it’s all a myth created as a distraction to further create friction between those who are of the LGBTQ community, and those who are not.

For reasons explained throughout this article, being homosexual is simply not the same as pedosexual. Homosexuality is not and never has been correlated with pedophilic disorder. Homosexuality is not defined by having urges and attraction to children and teens as an adult, rather, much like heterosexuality, an unexplained attraction to the opposite/same sex often realized as a prepubescent child carried over into teen-hood and adult hood.


Unlike pedophilia, homosexuality is not a disorder. Homosexuality is not illegal, heterosexuality is not illegal, however, if a heterosexual/homosexual commits the crime of pedophilia/rape, then, and only then is it punishable by law. The LGBTQ community as a whole has and never will support child molestation, rape, and pedophilia, especially since many of the LGBTQ community have been raped, molested, and some even trafficked. And while I do not represent or speak for the LGBTQ community, Im more than sure, they’d agree with research and pure facts stated in this paragraph, and article.

Psychology Today reports; “An estimated 20 percent of American children have been sexually molested, making pedophilia a common paraphilia. Offenders are usually family friends or relatives. Types of activities vary and may include just looking at a child or undressing and touching a child. However, acts often do involve oral sex or touching of genitals of the child or offender. Studies suggest that children who feel uncared for or lonely may be at higher risk for sexual abuse.”

So then, how does it make logical sense that this pedosexuality is an LGBTQ movement started as a “Gay Agenda” to legalize child rape? It’s not, use wisdom. However, what is clear is that the bible thumpers, and un-holy reprobate believed to be holy minds of heterosexual and fearful homosexual Women and Men stuffed up in the closet riddled in self-hate will use this myth as a tool to push their own agenda.


It’s funny…God is omnipotent, which means all knowing. You’d think that fact would relax a lot of people, considering none of what we know to be news, is News to God. And yes, you can believe what you must about who’s providing the facts, and who’s all apart of the mythical agenda, but I choose to trust in the millions of Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters in Amerikkka who’d never let this be a thing. There is no agenda, there is no pedosexual movement in the works, the almost 350 million Amerikkkans will never be okay with child rape being legal, so do yourself a favor…stop, do actual research and stop allowing Memes to dictate your ignorance, and un-educate you.

For those suffering from Pedophilic Disorder, TheBLACKMedia does not shame you, nor do we disown you, you are our brothers and sisters dealing with something that you shouldn't feel shamed for seeking help. For more information on your disorder and how you can heal from it please visit: And seek help immediately with your personal doctor, or reach out to a hotline to talk to someone about helping.

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